And another, and a… (I have an advantage in that I just click a button and >poof< another duplicate tentacle) And off subject, saw a clip on C-Span (the US political cable coverage channel) of Senator Chris Dodd speaking out on the AIG "scandal" of how they spent the Federal Bailout money they received and believe it or not I was actually proud of him. Yes, I was amazed to find a US Senator ACTUALLY TRYING TO STEER THE MEDIA to the REAL story. Why has the media been jumping on AIG for paying out bonuses and commissions? They're an insurance company, that's how insurance agents and executives are paid, in bonuses and commissions on the policies they sell or have sold, they aren't paid hourly and the few that receive a salary are still expected to receive the bulk of their pay based on the sale of polices. Yet the White House and American Media are hunting down the $165 million that AIG paid its employees to work and continues to IGNORE the BILLIONS it siphoned out to foreign banks and entities that it wasn't supposed to do. See, this is my fundamental issue with the US government, it's running after a small little amount that was probably legitimate when there's a HUGE amount of money that was far less legitimate and it's completely sidetracked (I'm guessing Congressmen and Senators somehow got some of that couple of billion). AIG is pulling another Halliburton and doling out billions of dollars for no reason. At least Senator Dodd tried to point the media in the right direction. A US Senator tried to look out for the the American taxpayer and told the truth. Wow, I'm trying to think of the last time that happened. Still thinking.... If anyone's concerned about justice, call your Congressman/Senator and tell them to find out about the billions AIG diverted to other entities before they go after the $165 million they paid their employees to keep working. AIG's happy to be grilled for $165 million, especially if it means they can keep the couple of billion they "gave away". Hell, give me $2 billion dollars and I'll be happy to let Congress fine me for $165 million afterwards. I'd still have 1.8 billion. Before taxes, that is. 😀 And by the way, I'm still thinking... (Hmm, trying to figure out if was Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore that hacked my account and posted that.)