Two For One Tentacle Hentai Rape Special.
Heh, website traffic has gone up since the tentacle rape pumpkin sex started. Coincidence? Or specialized hentai webcomic niche? 😛


On this daily update’s dialogue, you’d think a pumpkin tentacle would be pretty rough, not a good kind of rough sex but a scrape you raw kind of thing. Now Okra, it’s kinda rough on the pods but the stalks can be pretty slimy, maybe demon possessed okra would make a better tentacle sex rape partner than pumpkins? Heh, I could just an internet tentacle rape dating service for hentai sex partners. “Innocent busty schoolgirl seeks slimy think tentacle sex partner for frequent rape sex. Pumpkins need not respond,” or “Petite young nymphomaniac seeks dark handsome and hung tentacle monster to tentacle rape my taut young body. Willing and able to fulfill all your loli hentai fantasies.”

But, this is even more than just a tentacle sex rape scene, it’s a monster cock tentacle rape sex scene with double penetration even. So if there are any double penetration two on one tentacle rape sex monster cock fucking fetish fans, then we have you covered. I don’t think I’ll be able to compete with Bang Bros or the Brazzers organizations for fetish websites though. I’ll just have to try to cover all the hentai adult cartoon webcomic fetishes with one site. Or two when I finally get Portcall Uranus back up and running. So much demand for Free Hentai XXX, so little time to work on making it. (The Free Hentai XXX is foreshadowing, but you’ll have to figure that out later.)