Welcome to PronQuest! A free fantasy hentai game webcomic.
And so it begins. Started goofing around with a corny hentai sex themed comic idea at one of the free 3D hentai porn sites. I can post larger and higher resolution images here so you can get a better eyeful of their cartoon porn goodness. New daily free hentai updates will show up on the main page and then be replaced with a new cartoon porn strip each day. You can expect just about any type of hentia fetish or theme you can imaged from huge monster hentai cocks being pushing in tight little hentai vaginas, furry hentai characters, and tentacle hentai rape scenes.

Originally, I had started Portcall Uranus, then when Project Wonderful declared that I couldn’t run their ads due to the fact that you saw Porkchops cartoon cock in one scene when he had to take off his pants to get an immunization shot I decided to go full hentai and not worry about it. PronQuest was far more popular with the nudity and sex than Portcall was without all the nudity and sex. It just can’t run any Project Wonderful ads due to whatever strange unnatural system PW uses to determine inappropriateness. Fortunately, I later found Juicy Ads which is far more lucrative than Project Wonderful. It also sent me into looking for other revenue methods which led to the concept of joining affiliate programs for hentai comic sites which in turn caused be to learn more about SEO and search engine competition for specific keywords. This in turn led to a greater understanding of the traffic circle and origins on the internet.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Thank you for purchasing PRONQUEST
You have created a small human female character! Your name is Libby Belle.
You begin your adventures in… [ESCAPE]
In PronQuest there are no set classes, your abilities are determined by your actions and pron points. If you have questions or need help with game play just press the any key to… [ESCAPE]
Libby Belle: “Yay! I logged on! And it only took four hours of waiting in the queue line. Oh, well. This game looks promising…”
Libby Belle: “Hmmm, so this game must have been made with cheap beta testers from Mars.”
Libby Belle: “There’s no cheatcodes or walkthroughs on the web anywhere to be found.”
Libby Belle: “Manual’s not much help.”
Everything is open for game play. Your abilities improve the more you use them. Rank comes with the acquisition of pron. Good luck in your quest for pron!
Libby Belle: “Where and how the heck do I get pron?”
Libby Belle: “Maybe I should’ve read the opening scripts…”

Authored by Ebenezer Splooge. Connect on Google Plus.