Something Around Here Sure Smells… Smelly.
“We’re going to do what they say can’t be done…”, sorry that was running through my head. 😀 And now one of the two generic Hamerican soldiers has a name. Pork Smelly. Sam and Pork Smelly’s adventure continues here.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

General Porktown: “Now, get a going, you two, we’ve got a lot to get done, and a short time to do it.”
Sam the Man: “Yeah, yeah, we’re going. come on, Smelly!”
Pork Smelly: “I just want it to go on record that my name has nothing to do with my hygiene, and is based on the fact that I like to smell things…”
Queen Gullivere: “And don’t THINK this is over! We’re going to FINISH this when YOU get back!”
Sam the Man: “yada yada yada..”
General Porktown: “Now, look here, your Highness…”
Queen Gullivere:Your Majesty!
General Porktown: “Your not queen yet, not until the coronation, and you won’t be queen for long if we don’t starting working on your social skills…”
Hamerican Soldier: “Dammit! I should have asked Smelly to pick up some donuts!”