Never Stiff a Dragon Pimp.
Rendering times are killing me. I MAY have come up with a play to upload all the former vote incentives. I’m thinking I may just do a Tumblr blog and add them up there, actually it hit me when I was looking for a backup plan for PronQueens in case ComicFury shuts me down. I’ve set up a hentai gallery over there to convert a lot of my left over renders in free standing images and I’ve set up a PronQuest blog that I finish up to upload all the old vote incentives too. You have to sign up and follow the blogs for two weeks before it will let you post comments (apparently that’s a tumblr policy)

EDIT: NEW VOTE INCENTIVE of Libby and Harrison. And a NEW vote incentive will be up Wednesday of what would happen if Horndog and Redd Ridemgud had a lovechild…..

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert: “Greetings, FRIENDS!
Welcome to the DRAGON’S HAREM! Whatever you WANT, We’ve got! If you don’t see it, ASK! My harem is your harem and every PAYING customer is my FRIEND!”
Rupert the Ready: “We were hoping to hang out for a few days, and wondering if you might share some local info, you know, between friends…”
Purbert: “FRIENDS?! Last I recall you ran up a tab and skipped out of town without paying. Only PAYING customers are my friends!”
Rupert the Ready: “I got transferred! To Greenland! Do you have any idea what the Unemployment rate is there?”
Page Yatasha: “Surely we can come to an amends over this?”
Private Benjamins: “Whoah! Check it out, a cat girl!”
Private Willbert: “And on that pole, is that a monkey girl?”
Private Benjamins: “I don’t know, but she’s naked!”
Purbert: “‘WE?’ You and your friends are good as gold in my books, Babe. It’s Skipper McTownsend I have an issue with. But we might come to an arrangement…”
Purbert: “AND seeing as he brought me such eager customers as these two We can negotiate something while the rest of you make yourselves at home.”
Rupert the Ready: “I am going to be so fucking broke…”
Private Benjamins: “Yep, That’s definitely a monkey girl!”
Private Willbert: “And man is she going to town on that banana…”