Let’s Make a Deal.
Succubi have rights too! Succubi demand equal treatment! The new vote incentive is up, Redd Ridemgud and Horndog’s possible love child…. and the previous vote incentive of Harrison fucking Libby is here. And remember I’ve begun uploaded all the OLD vote incentives over at a hentai tumblr blog (note there’s two side blogs from the October 2008 Fucktoberfest linked off the main blog). And if anyone missed it, the old hentai comic, Depravia‘s on tumblr. 😀

EDIT: Titsune vote incentive replaced with Dryad incentive Dec 6, Titsune at Hentai-Gallery now.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Rupert the Ready: “You guys might as well amuse yourselves while I clear up my issues with Purbert.”
Lady Gothchilde: “It’s an all you can eat buffet! I don’t know who to start on first!”
Private Benjamins: DROOL.
Private Willbert: SCLOBBER.
Purbert: “Now, hold it, Lady Gothchilde. I can’t have you eating paying customers. That would be bad for business…”
Lady Gothchilde:What the hael?! I have rights too! What about the broke ones, the one’s who have run out of money?”
Purbert: “Well, those aren’t PAYING customers anymore, now are they?”
Rupert the Ready: “Go on, everyone. I want to get this over with…”
Gandall the Grey: “Don’t feel bad, I’m going be hauling off dead bodies most of the night.”
Page Yatasha: “They sure are good at getting a man’s attention.”
Melvrick the Chaste: “Is there any place in this den of iniquity I can go to be free from all this sin and debauchery?!”
Purbert: “I certainly hope not, if that were true I wouldn’t be a very good proprietor, now would I?”