My Friend, A Dragon in Fuckingham.
Had an issue with my video card crashing, will finish up tonight.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Melvrick the Chaste: “So this is FUCKINGHAM! Lets go find the constable and see what the situation is with Berri..”
Rupert the Ready: “Whoa, hold on. Let’s go pay my friend a visit. He’ll have the best info on what the situation is.”
Private Benjamins: “If the boss finds out you’re trying to grab his ass he’s going to give it to you!”
Page Yatasha: “He can “give it to me” all night long…”
Private Willbert: “Lay off, Benjo! Nothing wrong with a nice ass…”
Rupert the Ready: “My friend owns the Dragon’s harem. He’ll be able to advise us on the best course of action.”
Melvrick the Chaste: “I certainly hope that business isn’t what I think that sounds like…”
Rupert the Ready: “I’m pretty sure it’s EXACTLY what you think it sounds like. Purbert’s not cheap but he is very good at whatever you pay him for. ”
Melvrick the Chaste: “So, did he slay a dragon to get this harem?”
Rupert the Ready: “Purbert? Nope, he IS a dragon.”
Page Yatasha: “You’re friends with a Dragon?”
Rupert the Ready: “I didn’t say we were CLOSE friends…”
Private Benjamins: “Wow, I’M impressed!”
Private Willbert: “Yeah, boss! Me too!”
Gandall the Grey: “I thought you said all the dragons were in hiding?”
Lady Gothchilde: “EMPEROR dragons. Purbert’s a scrub dragon. He’s only about yay tall…”