Pot, Meat the Solution.

Didn’t get an archive update done. Real life work piled up on me, if I can get ahead I’ll get one or more done this week though.

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Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Harry the Potter: “POT! Pot for sale! Best pot For your money! Hey, chick, want to buy some pot?”
Juanita Diablo: “Hey, you two! Juan wants to talk to you!”
Proud of his Meat Vendor: “I got your meat right Here! Hey, babe want some of my meat? Thick juicy meat, just the way you like it!”
Juanita Diablo: “Juan’s over there by that wall..”
Proud of his Meat Vendor: “Yeah, you look you need some meat, I’m running a special on tubesteak!”
Juan Diablo: “Good, I’ve got a job for you two, and it will guarantee your entry into our company, Teah.”
Juan Diablo: “The local constables just brought a prisoner into the royal dungeons and I’m confident she’s the creator of those golems rampaging about. With her under our wing we’ll have the last piece we need to complete our ‘ultimate solution..'”