Clarification on the Hentai Tentacle Sex Pumpkins.
There are lots of the Hentai pumpkins, I tried to insinuate that with the numbering referrals in previous dialogue even though most of the face time (and tentacle hentai rape time) is of the three same pumpkin heads. I’ve also gotten to referring to the three by names, Meanie, Tolliver, and Lumpkin. I’ll let you figure out which is which. Secondly, they can move around somewhat, I mean they do have tentacles. They can nudge and pull themselves around with the tentacle, not to mention tentacle raping other critters with them. But all movement involves the tentacles and vines.

Still working on other Hentai Cartoon Porn projects.
Portcall Uranus, Lolicon Loli, and some of the other ones, (have I mentioned Ani Mei the busty Asian Hentai host yet, I’m not sure I’ve even posted any of her pics) are still coming, I’m just at the designing and tweaking the website coding phase and that’s the more difficult