Hentai Ballot Stuffing Cartoon Porn Tentacle Pumpkins.
Aren’t most registered voters in the Chicago area also registered residents in cemeteries? Although hentai tentacles would certainly make balloting stuffing easier. And other stuffing, like cartoon porn stars, lolicon hentai characters, not so innocent busty schoolgirls, and the like. This is the (almost) final embodiment of the demon pumpkins, this is where the story was going from the get go, the great Hentai Pumpkin Emperor and his cartoon porn pumpkin horde. Of not so bright tentacle rape sex crazed pumpkin zombies. It sounded scarier in the plot outline…

Lolicon Loli Teen Sex Vote Incentive.
The new Lolicon Loli vote incentive is up. Didn’t get as much done with the Lolicon teen sex story line as I had wanted. Got a hold of some cute new models and fiddled around with them quite a bit. Which got me all sidetracked on coming up with some hentai infused cartoon porn adult webcomic project I could use them on.