Hentai Labor, Cartoon Porn Style.
Hard hentai labor. When your dealing with demons expect to get fucked. Cartoon porn or otherwise. And don’t even try to reason with them that with all those tentacles they could be digging instead of tentacle raping, heck you could consider it a tentacle rape of Mother Earth, just ripping out some holes.

Naked Hentai Dwarf, Helga up as vote incentive at Top Web Comics.
Helga seemed to be the more popular choice, but Lolicon Loli still has her hentai sex pic to be utilized. Cartoon porn is a terrible thing to waste! So, you’ll still get to see the lolita teen sex stylings of Lolicon Loli before the week is out. Oh, and the Helga pic, that’s pretty much the way I picture her entering a tavern at the end of the day. 😀