And the tentacles go exploring.
Vauna Dewme to the Tentacle of Cthulhu as it goes exploring Vauna’s cleavage: “What the hael… we don’t have time for that, Mr snuggles! We’ve got to Go collect herbs!”
Tentacle of Cthulhu burrows into Vauna’s cleavage.
Vauna Dewme: “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not a container…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu cuddles Vauna’s boobs.
Vauna Dewme: “Great… I’ve got a pet who doubles as an underwire bra, it lifts and supports…and fondles and gropes.”
That actually might be a popular lingerie line for Victoria’s Secret, “fondle up wonder bra.” New tentacle comic, remember to vote to keep My Pet Tentacle Monster in the top 100!