Tentacle hentai monster tantrum.
Vauna Dewme reaching for the Tentacle of Cthulhu: “Come on, Mr. Snuggles, time to go in your jar…”
Vauna Dewme: “Hey, you’ve gotta go in so we can leave!”
Tentacle of Cthulhu taps glass jar to tip it over and onto the floor where it shatters.
Vauna Dewme: “Now look what you did! You broke the jar! And I don’t have any vials large enough to hold you…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu climbs up Vauna’s arm and reaches for her top.
Wasn’t at 100 or higher when I checked in the morning, but it was real close later so I’m going to assume My Pet Tentacle Monster did hit (and I want to encourage votes to keep it there this month) so a new update! Remember to vote to keep it in the top 100!