After Tentacle Sex Snuggles.
Vauna Dewme: “Okay, guess it’s time to put on some clothes and gather some more herbs…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu writhes it’s tentacles between Vauna’s thighs.
Vauna Dewme: “I think I’ll call you Mr Snuggles… Now let’s find your jar!”
Tentacle of Cthulhu snuggles with Vauna’s hands while attempting to get back to her thighs.
Even tentacle monsters like to snuggle, they’re just misunderstood. My Pet Tentacle Monster was on the front page of Top Web Comics yesterday so I made the new page, but it fell pretty quickly so it might not get another next week…..
Update (12/8-2015): Didn’t make it into the top 100, see if we make it next week. 🙁