Suprise! Tentacle Thrust!
Vauna Dewme pulling hard on Tentacle of Cthulhu: “You… will… behave…”
Vauna Dewme pulling holding on to Tentacle of Cthulhu: “Dammit, he’s knotting up to make it harder to pull him all the way out…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu is unhappy with being pulled out and trying to twist loose.
Vauna Dewme pulling losing grip on Tentacle of Cthulhu: “Uh oh, he’s too slippery… I’m losing my grip…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu evades Vauna Dewme’s grip, and aggressively thrusts itself into Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme getting tentacle raped by Tentacle of Cthulhu: ” Son of a…GAWK!”
Still plan on updating My Pet Tentacle Monster in October if it’s in the top 100 webcomics on Tuesdays. Had to go in to work early will finish comic when I get back.