How to Train Your Tentacle Monster.
Vauna Dewme gropes Tentacle of Cthulhu in two handed grip: “You ARE NOT going to LIVE in my VAGINA! BAD TENTACLE!
Tentacle of Cthulhu writhes and twists to avoid getting pulled out of Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme gropes and grips the Tentacle of Cthulhu raping her pussy: “Now, if you’re nice and well behaved you might be allowed to visit… A lot. But you don’t just go diving into a girl’s vagina with out asking. That’s rude!
Vauna Dewme forcefully pulls the Tentacle of Cthulhu from deep in her vagina: “Now I’m pulling you out until you LEARN TO BEHAVE YOURSELF…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu being pulled out of Vauna Dewme. “!?!”
Still plan on updating My Pet Tentacle Monster in October if it’s in the top 100 webcomics on Tuesdays.