Who’s a Friendly Little Tentacle?
Vauna Dewme: “Can’t keep a grip on the little fucker… It keeps twisting and now that it’s drenched in my juices it’s so slippery… and this shirt is in my way, can’t see what’s it doing…”
Vauna Dewme: “Let’s get the shirt out of the picture…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu writhes in Vauna’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme: “All right, little fella, let’s do this.”
Tentacle of Cthulhu twists and writhes in Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Clothes just get in the way, she shouldn’t wear them in general, and remember to vote because if My Pet Tentacle Monster is in the top 100 at Top Webcomics on Tuesdays it will get a new page update.