The tentacle has a mind of it’s own.
Vauna Dewme: “Oh, Hael’s no! okay. I am not going to lose control of this thing…”
The Tentacle of Cthulhu tentacle fucks Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme getting raped by the Tentacle of Cthulhu: “Fuck fuck fuck fuck.”
The Tentacle of Cthulhu twists and thrusts hard into Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme falls over from the Tentacle of Cthulhu thrusting: “!!!”
Still plan on updating My Pet Tentacle Monster in October if it’s in the top 100 webcomics on Tuesdays. Had to go in to work early will finish comic when I get back.

NOTE: I was informed Monday, October 19th that the PronQuest database is being moved to a new server by my hosting service, if I can’t access the database or the new page gets lost in the transfer it will be redone on Wednesday the 21st.