You Must Choose, But Choose Wisely.
WISELY, not Weasley, who’s some red headed wizarding brat.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert “Open up your career skill screen.. that would be “F9.””
Libby Belle: “Okay.”
Purbert “Do you see a bubble with the title “WHORELORD?””
Libby Belle: “Yes.”
Purbert “And is it lit up, does it say “ACTIVATE” when you hover over it?”
Libby Belle: “Yes.”
Purbert “Good you’ve got enough points to activate it. Let me explain how this works.”
Purbert “When you click to activate that… DON’T DO IT NOW… You need to place your hand on a non player monster or creature and THAT will be your chosen unique creature. Now, if you don’t have enough points you may only be able to choose a level 1 creature, and once chosen you will be able to recruit more of that type and that level into service for 1/10 the cost. If you have enough points to choose a higher level, say a level 3, then you will be able to recruit more level 3’s later with 1/10 the point cost of the first one. Any of the same type that are LOWER in level than the first one will not cost any points to recruit. I’d advise racking up more points but you obviously need to do this now.”
Purbert “And another thing try to pick something unique, if you pick the same thing another whorelord has, especially a monarch they’ll often try to kill you to prevent you from poaching their prospects. And DON’T pick one of the other options first or you’ll lose the whorelord choice option.”
Libby Belle: “They’re all lit up except for one called “PIETY.””
Purbert “Heh. That ONE passed you by long, long ago, Sweet Tits.”

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