Some Call Me… Purbert.
So, the title of today’s update is a paraphrase from Monty Python’s the Holy Grail. The sorcerer Tim (some call him Tim) later leads the knights to the vicious evil beast that looks like a fluffy innocent rabbit and he TRIES to warn them it has “nasty, big, pointy teeth… LOOK AT THE BONES!”. AND IF YOU HAVEN’T KEPT UP WITH THE NEWS, the surviving members of Monty Python are doing a final live show THIS MONTH (July 2014) with a live broadcast of the final show July 20th.

And the Nether Region is Pron’s version of the Netherlands. It’s amazing how many rat infested names that beautiful country has. o_O


Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Rupert the Ready: “So pigs are out, Gullivere would take that badly.”
Purbert: “Hael yeah, no pigs, Furgundy took foxes and she’s fairly powerful so I wouldn’t recommend any type of dog.”
Rupert the Ready: “How about a mouse or rat?”
Purbert: “Rats, mice, and squirrels are all rodents. You’ve got Asstrid of micea and all the lords of vermania and the nether region that use those.”
Rupert the Ready: “A bird?”
Purbert: “Whoretuga’s got a parrot and the Queen of spaim chose a chicken.”
Libby Belle: “What about a deer?”
Purbert: “Hmmm, a deer might work, but a squirrel wouldn’t be too bad.”
Rupert the Ready: “I thought you said a squirrel was a rodent and a lot of others had already chosen it.”
Purbert: “Well, yes. But there are so many nether region lords you’d just be lost in the crowd. Hamsterdam, Ratterdam, Dumphster, they’re a dime a dozen.”
Purbert: “So, got find yourself some furry forest creature, young lady.”
Rupert the Ready: “She could choose a frog…”
Purbert:NO!! You don’t want to cross the Mammazons! They’ve got big, sharp, bouncy titties!”

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