PronQuest uses ComicPress for WordPress, but with one of my other hentai web comic projects I’m going to try out a new setup using WebComic for WordPress and InkBlot. The one I’m currently playing around with is the adult cartoon one with the “little blue pills” that I used as a vote incentive pic awhile back at Top Webcomics. The idea being that working on another hentai sex project gives me a break from doing a single theme project and the other one is going to be a lot less structured. 😛 Also one of my favorite comic writers/artists, Fred Perry did a series of furry hentai pages about the rat threesome from Gold Digger, Doity Rats.

Anyway, I’m leaning towards the title of “The Fucking Neighbors” for that other series, not completely happy with that, but that’s the best I’ve come up with so far. o_O