The Fate of Elder Dragons.
Lot’s of dialogue, believe me, if it WASN’T part of the story it probably wouldn’t be in here. So, recap, THREE ELDER DRAGONS left alive. There were fifteen three of each of five different breeds, Infernal (Black) which are spell breathing, Aquathic (Blue) which are liquid breathing, Necrotic (White) which are plague breathing (and sometimes referred to as necromatic), Chrimsonic (red) which are plasma (often described as fire) breathing, and Acidelphilis (yellow) which are acid breathing. *Other colors are mixed breeds and can have a mixture of abilities from their parents. And there’s a “tweak” to their hit point totals that I’m not sure ANYONE knows about. Yes, including me. 😛

And we now know of at least FOUR gods, Hentia and Nymph Ae were mentioned previously, but now we know of two more, Spermes and Assthena. Assthena is the war Goddess of ass kicking and anal sex, Hentia the demon mother Goddess of Hael, Nymph Ae the fairy Goddess of lust and free sex, and Spermes the God of sexual prowess and whores.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Lady Gothchilde: “Hael, yeah! There were only fifteen of them and they were supposed to be the ultimate challenge to defeat. Once defeated the guild, kingdom, or player could choose a special reward. Assthena, Spermes, Nymph Ae, and Hentia chose godhood. Aahzra chose to have a fortress city smack in the middle of the kingdoms of the Franks, and made my father lord of it after Aahzra retired.”
Gandall the Grey: “Wow, I wonder why there aren’t more gods if that’s one of the reward choices”
Lady Gothchilde: “Easy, they don’t respawn. There are only three elder dragons left, Zeulu the last of the infernals fled to Hael, y’draig and goch are both crimsons and they went into hiding to avoid getting harvested for the reward.”
Annoying Shopkeeper: “Hey, ‘Loindexter,’ put on some damn pants! you’re scaring off potential customers with your dick flopping all over the place! And tell your bimbo to put on some panties!”
Lady Gothchilde: “Like Hael! I’ve gotta eat sometime!”