Do Elder Dragons Need Pants?
Actually, do Elder Dragons need Depends? And now we’re working on filling the HUGE gaping hole left by my military assignment to Kuwait, the nation who’s Ministry ACTUALLY banned PronQuest for the good of their citizens (I’m not making that up) so I couldn’t access the site while there. Slavery and treating humans as thought they were worth less than animals is perfectly acceptable though.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Gandall the Grey: “Okay, we’re walking straight to the first pants store we see..”
Lady Gothchilde: “Why don’t we just go to the Filthy Spellhouse? I’ve got an account with the owner, Aahzra the Skeevish.”
Gandall the Grey: “Aahzra? Wasn’t he one of Queen Syphalust’s warlocks?”
Lady Gothchilde: “Yeah, he retired after he killed one of the elder dragons, Zomba. He had a spell misfire in that battle that wiped out everything but his hand.”
Gandall the Grey: “Wow, were you in that battle, too?”
Lady Gothchilde: “No, but my father was. Countess DeJuggula killed the elder dragon, Vamprey and that finished off the last of the necromatic dragon elders.”
Gandall the Grey: “Doesn’t killing an elder dragon grant some special reward?”