Well, Slap My Ass and Call Me My Lady.
And Libby summarized the concept of peerage in to modern terminology. Got most of the next story line of PronQueens sketched out. Still need to work on some of the models however. No new vote incentive today, but on June 1 there will be one with a sneak peek of Titsune from one of the NEW pages of Titsune #1 Super XXX-panded issue as a vote incentive.
Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Tell me, young whore… lord, have you met Gullivere before?”
Libby Belle: “The Queen? No.”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “She’s not the Quee…have you met any whorelord before me?”
Libby Belle: “Not that I know of, not really sure how this whorelord stuff works…”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Humph, I have no doubt you’ve got the WHORING part worked out. The LORD part however…”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Only a TRUE Whorelord can become a sovereign and only a whorelord can grant investiture to someone.”
Libby Belle: “Investiture?”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “As a true whorelord, you can dub someone else to become a knight or lady, but it’s only for life and not hereditary. For us who are true whorelords all our offspring are also whorelords.”
Libby Belle: “So… You’re saying I can slap someone upside the head and make them my bitch?!”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “That’s… not very tactful, but yes. That’s EXACTLY how PEERAGE works…”