A Game of Incest.
Prince Jamesey’s comment makes a lot more sense if you read any of the Fire and Ice novels or seen the HBO Game of Thrones series. The sneak peek of Titsune voting incentive is still up from one of the NEW pages of Titsune #1 Super XXX-panded issue until I finish a new vote incentive which might be later today. All of the May Patreons in good standing will get a free copy of Titsune #1 (not the XXXpanded issue) this week as soon I get it uploaded this weekend. UPDATE: Titsune #01 is live at DriveThruComics, the Super XXXpanded version was rejected by Renderotica and is now live at DriveThru also.
Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “See all these nobles? INVESTED nobility, most of whom were granted their titles by my brother the king. Only you and my family are true nobility here.”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “It’s taken decades and three wars to build Hamerica to where it is today, any new Whorelord would be crushed before they could even get started. Which is why some whore like yourself’s best route is to seek the protection of an existing and strong realm. ”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Especially since Gullivere’s first focus, once crowned, will be to produce an heir… ”
Libby Belle: “Heir? Wouldn’t you be her heir?”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “If Something should happen to her BEFORE she produces an heir, yes, I would be next in line, and then my son Prince Jamesey, and then my daughter, Princess Chelsea, but god forbid… Ah the steward is signaling that Gullivere’s ready to meet with you. ”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Jamesey, my boy, I think I’ve found you a potential wife…”
Prince Jamesey: “But, father. She doesn’t look at all like my sister!”