Signing Your Ass Away.
The Duke of New Pork, is not the same as the Duke of Pork, New Pork is the PronWorld equivilent of New York. And Gullivere seems to be needing a sex fix and is getting rather testy. As far as the bonus comic goes I was thinking of putting them up on Imgur and then posting the link on reddit, but I’ve heard reddit can be somewhat vicious about posting your own stuff, anyone familiar with it and/or can offer some pointers/advice about that? Was able to find someone to post a link on reddit to all the previous pages of the bonus comic here. Any positive comments or support for it would be appreciated.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle: “So, it says I “Pledge my allegiance to Queen Gullivere…””
Purbert: “Yeah, as a fresh whorelord, the lesser whorelords will consider you a potential threat, and will try to defeat you or subjugate you, the more powerful ones will try to do the same as they don’t want the lessor ones gaining more power by doing that. This deal places you under Gullivere’s protection while allowing you certain freedoms, not many however.”
General Porktown: “More freedom than normal, your chancellor is a tough negotiator…”
Purbert: “75% of all your pron points earned AFTER the deal goes into effect and all treasure, conquests, spoils of war, etc go to gullivere. However that part does not go into effect until you report to the Duke of New Pork, so any booty you earn before arriving there is all yours.”
General Porktown: “With your chosen vassals of scrub dragon we hope you can make some gains agaist Hentia’s demon hordes, it also obligates us to make you lord of the first former Hamerican ruined city you liberate.”
Gullivere: “Just sign it and move on, I’ve got more audiences and cocks to do.”