Revenge is Best Served with Making a Profit.
Actually, they’re called “warning labels” and they say things like “do not remove under ANY circumstances” and “penalty of death.”

Comic Dialogue:
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Ha ha ha, I’m not giving my soul to a SCRUB dragon. What business do you have here, scrub. The treasure here belongs to the global hoard and is not for personal use…”
Purbert: “What? Do you not realize who I am? You seriously don’t understand the concept of scrub… Wait a minute. You’re right. I didn’t come for any treasure, I need to get a weapon from the vault, I’m just a puny scrub dragon and I need it to go adventuring so I can defend myself.”
Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Ah, well, that makes sense, what is this weapon you need, if I can find it you shall have it.”
Purbert: “It’s called the Bow of Draconis, because it’s a bow for dragons. It’s the top shelf in the inner vault. Can’t miss it. It’s all shiny and has “instruction” labels all around it…”