Perhaps They Should Consider Hiring Better Security Guards.
Maybe up their required skill set, like adding the ability to read warning labels.

Comic Dialogue:
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Is that the bow you were wanting, Little dragon? It was the only one that had instruction labels on it…”
Purbert: “Why, yes. You… Um… Didn’t happen to read the labels did you?”
Guard Dragon Frezzik: “No, I can’t read, I was stuck in 3rd grade at dragon school for so long I just eventually gave up. But I folded them together in that pouch with it so you’d have them.”
Purbert: “Uh.. Thanks. Well, I’m off to go adventuring! Thanks for the help!”
Emperor Dragon Zeulu: “Guard! Awake! The hoard has been robbed!”
Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Empress Zeulu? Robbed? How, I see no one, wait was it one of those invisible hobbity things like in the movies?”
Emperor Dragon Zeulu: “Frezzik? Oh, dear guad… I don’t know what it is but someone or thing has stolen the Bow of Draconis. ”
Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Bow? There was a little dragon that just checked out a bow…”
Emperor Dragon Zeulu: “Checked out? This isn’t a library, you don’t just “check out” the Bow of Draconis. A weapon so powerful that we sealed it in the vault to never be used again. We even put warning notes for it to not be removed…”
Guard Dragon Frezzik: “Warning notes?”