My Fist Marks the Spot.
I’ll bet Dragons had serrated teeth like theropod dinosaurs. Since the last update I was able to get about fifteen of the old pages uploaded starting here. I was thinking about the Tentacle Tales side comic and possibly updating it on Tuesdays if it’s vote position at Top Web Comics was in the top 100 but I’d want to have several pages of it done and ready to go before I did that.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert: “Okay, this looks like the spot…”
Libby Belle: ““Spot for what?”
Purbert: “Psst, are you there, can you hear me?”
Scraunk: “Nothing to see here, just an uninteresting wall.. That talks… About completely uninteresting things…”
Purbert:The salmon run north in the winter…”
Scraunk: “How can salmon run? They don’t have any feet!”
Purbert: “That’s not the Goddamn pass phrase Goddamn it! It’s me, Purbert!”
Scraunk: “How do I know you’re a pervert? I can’t see you and you haven’t said any perverted things.”
Purbert: “SEE?! I’ll smash my fist through this wall in to your face and you can SEE that!”
Scraunk: “Oh, Hi, Boss! I’ve got the information you were wanting…”
Purbert: “Ah, so NOW you recognize me.”
Scraunk: “I recognized the complete not giving a shit about the rest of us and the ready willingness to inflict violence.”
Purbert: “Damn straight!”