Mista Mista Still No Tapping Out in Fuck Club.
Late update today due to being finals week for my first summer session and having to get stuff finished for turning in tonight. Need some ideas on incentives to get the Patreon account up a bit. After this weekend I’ll be getting the side comics caught up on Patreon and if I can get it to over $250 a month I can spend the summer working on 2d animations.
Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)
Chauna, Mammazon warrior: “Oh shit. It’s that dragon again…”
Paola, Mammazon warrior: “What? Let’s clear out before he attacks us again!”
Unnamed Monster Fucker: “Mista… Mista… You… Gotta help me.”
Purbert: “All ready did, Kid. But why didn’t you just play dead?”
Unnamed Monster Fucker: “There’s… no tapping out in fuck club…”