Let There be BUTT…. ler.
A monster cock sex scene blocking butler.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert the Scrub Dragon: “Still no sign of that frog… Hmmm… I wonder if one of those two dragon brutes ate him when I wasn’t looking…”
Purbert the Scrub Dragon: “And another thing… I realize this place has been razed but I’d have thought some of chibis* would have automatically been here with it… We may have to make due with my fellow scrub dragons until that issue can be fixed… ”
Chibi Butler Montgomery: “You called, My lord?”
Purbert the Scrub Dragon: “Ah… I take it you’re one of the cities’ chibis…”
Chibi Butler Montgomery: “Yes, my lord. My name is Montgomery, the butler attached to the royal manor…”
Purbert the Scrub Dragon: “Are there other chibis around, you’re the only one I’ve seen?”
Chibi Butler Montgomery: “Quite a few actually. The cities been razed and occupied by demons for so long most are rather hesitant to come out of hiding… The previous occupant raped most of the chibis repeatedly over and over… ”
Purbert the Scrub Dragon: “That… Makes sense. Demons are rather brutal rapists…”
Chibi Butler Montgomery: “Demons? I was referring to princess Gullivere…”