Still spending a lot of time working on the retooling of Portcall, finished up a few more characters for it over the last few days. 😛

Definitely going to have to rework a tentacle rape hentai sex character into Portcall Uranus now though, seems like a hentai webcomic could work an alien tentacle sex character in somehow since it’s a Sci Fi theme anyway. I’m leaning toward recasting the medical doctor (that’s works with Nurse Ruby) into a tentacle sex alien that could probably work. He could be his own restraints for “difficult” patients that way too. “Relax, Miss. Just take off your clothes and set on the exam table.” “My, why big, thick tentacles you have, Doctor” “All the better to “examine” you with, now lube up. This is might hurt a big, I’m gonna be using my BIG tentacle….”