You can smell the KY Jelly lubricating the thoughts in her head…. 😛

Still working on rebuilding the old updates, obviously I am NOT worth a Big Gulp as Titsune looks like a highly unlikely long shot. >_< We are $17 currently of the $500 goal to free up time to add Titsune as a weekly comic and the $250 goal of PronQuest and PronQueens so I'm most likely going to finish up the current PronQueens issue (I think 4-5 more pages) and wind that down (I'm seriously running out of stories for the various Queens) so I can focus my time on PronQuest and extra hours at work. Also plan on doing one of the many ideas I had as Patreon exclusive comic and upload it there for the current donors. I’m leaning towards Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy but not sure, but it’ll be something quick and simple, for now I’m going to upload one or more new images or character sheets each week, this week I uploaded an image of Wolfhung fucking Tawny (Tawny’s the new Top Web Comics vote incentive today).

And just to show I’m in the holiday mood… SHUT UP WESLEY!!

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Bruthe the Bartender: “So, My name’s Bruthe…”
Libby Belle: “I’m Libby, and I LOVE your cock.”
Bruthe the Bartender: “Do you want to take off that armor first?”
Libby Belle: “I got a better idea…”
Libby Belle: “Why don’t you fuck it off me…”

(I need help getting out of my armor and need some one
to fuck me silly until all my clothes fall off!)
ACCEPT (I’m Gonna bang you nekkid.)
DECLINE (Sounds like a wardrobe malfunction.)

Libby Belle: “Holy Hentai! I can give up quests now?!”
Bruthe the Bartender: “You’re gonna give up a lot more than quests…”