Skellie with a Big Log.
Skellie with a girthy, big log. Skellie #19 actually takes his job VERY seriously, in fact he’s rather perturbed over how he’s viewed at work due to the antics of his currently assigned work partner, Skellie with Binoculars. At some point I ought to due a short flashback of that actual incident.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Skellie #19: “You leveled up FIVE times and got promoted to a Player Character JUST from carrying around those BINOCULARS?! Player character?! How can you be a player character?! Who’s the goddamned player?”
Skellie with Binoculars: “Told you! QUICK grab something to carry around… LIKE A LOG!
Skellie #19: “I am not going to carry around a goddamned log…”
Skellie with Binoculars: “You’d be ‘Skellie with a Log’ not sure what use it would be but with that name you would probably do well on the internet hook up sites…”
Skellie #19: “ON second thought I could use that log to bash in your skull..”
Skellie #19: “What the Hael did you do to earn experience from while we been walking back to the castle?”
Skellie with Binoculars: “Well, I experienced the flowers, that strangely shaped squirrel with the butt hole the size of Texas, I experienced a fine bit of exercise with our walk…”
Skellie with Binoculars: “…I experienced your companionship…violent as it could be at times…”
Skellie #19: “Give me that goddamned fucking log…”