Maximum Experience Total Obtained.
So, we knew Skellie with Binoculars was originally Skellie #23, but we hadn’t known the name of his friend (and technically still don’t from the strip), who is Skellie #19. Skellies 1-3 are the highest level skellies and are Level 5’s, Skellies 4-9 are the next highest level skellies and are Level 4’s, Skellies 10-19 are Level 3’s, Skellies 20-39 are Level 2’s, and all Skellies 40 and over are Level 1’s. So, Skellie with Binoculars was originally a Level 2 (now a Level 7), and Skellie #19 was originally a Level 3 (now a Level 4, he leveled once during the comic).

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

MAXIMUM EXPERIENCE TOTAL OBTAINED! You have accumulated the maximum amount of experience for non player characters of your type. No further experience can be obtained.
Skellie with Binoculars: “What?! That’s a load of crap!”
Skellie #19: “What’s a load of crap is that you’ve leveled five times since you picked up those binoculars!”
Skellie with Binoculars: “Haterz going to hate…”
Skellie #19: “You’re the highest level skellie in the castle and out rank me by three levels…”
Skellie with Binoculars: “But I’m still no where near as powerful as those players that left for town! It’s not fair!”
CONVERSION TO PLAYER CHARACTER COMPLETE. You have been converted to a player character and may now progress by the accumulation of pron.
Skellie with Binoculars: “Fuck yeah! Now I can use pron to buy abilities and special powers!”
Skellie #19: “What… The… Fuck…”