Who’s a Friendly Little Tentacle?
Vauna Dewme: “You sure seem friendly… He said not “to feed you after midnight,” but he didn’t say what you ate…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu writhes and twists ant taps on glass jar.
Vauna Dewme: “You sure do like to snuggle… and you have a very strong grip…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu writhes and twists around Vauna Dewme’s fingers.
Vauna Dewme: “Wait! Where are you going little fella…”
Tentacle of Cthulhu twists and escapes from Vauna Dewme’s hands then writhes and twists it’s way into Vauna Dewme’s vagina.
Vauna Dewme:OH! Best pet ever…”
Wow, I’m thinking tentacles just have a bad reputation, this one seems friendly enough.