The Cutting of Cthulhu.
Vordock the Unscrupulous: “Gah! I don’t have enough money to pay for all these herbs you collected! Why don’t I give you some of it store merchandise?”
Vauna Dewme: “But, you don’t have anything I can’t collect myself for free…”
Vordock the Unscrupulous: “Ah, but I have one item. VERY rare. You can’t collect it.”
Vauna Dewme: “Oh! What the Hael is it?”
Vordock the Unscrupulous: “It’s a cutting of Cthulhu. A long time ago Cthulhu was a very powerful elder god, all of the realms, guilds, and even the emperor dragons combined forces to slay him. Anyone in the final group who had a harvesting knife was able to get a cutting of cthulhu from it’s dead carcass. Very rare and expensive as you can’t get anymore cuttings.”
Vauna Dewme: “I think it likes me! It sure is tapping at the glass really hard!”
Vordock the Unscrupulous: “Just remember, don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight!”
First story in a series of tentacle sex comics currently used as vote incentives. Potentially a spin off title of PronQuest.