You take the hung ones and I’ll take the other hung one.
Well, what SHE thinks is important.

EDIT (January 10, 2023) I am still alive. This has been FAR WORSE than I could have possible imaged, my civilian job at a Fortune 500 company is in turmoil as upper management is battling over the new direction and I’m working 55-65 hours a week while this is going on. The military deployment is also in a state of shambles as we’re supposed to deploy NEXT MONTH and we don’t have orders, uniforms, or equipment. Not to mention I have to pack and store stuff before I leave for Africa. Hopefully everything will be more stabilized by March but I honestly don’t know, mostly because the powers behind thess issues don’t seem to know themselves.

EDIT (February 17, 2023) The US military has not been this utterly lost and incompetent at processing orders or planning since the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Seriously, it’s that bad. We leave in 6 days and WE STILL DON’T HAVE ORDERS. Only a few, VERY FEW people in the battalion have been deployed before, no one at the State or Brigade level who are processing our orders/planning have. Literally 4 days ago we were informed we’ll be getting a new 1SG (fortunately the person I heard we’ll be getting is someone from the platoon I deployed and served with during “the Surge” in Baghdad in 2006) I NEVER would have thought it would be this bad. I am pretty sure I won’t be getting anything new done until June/July of this year at the earliest based on how dysfunctional this entire deployment has been so far. Assuming we actually go, we are definitely doing the pre-mobilization stuff up until the end of April, likely the May/June stuff but at the end of June/July when we are supposed to go to Africa, not so sure.

EDIT (March 26, 2023) I am still alive. So where we’re going it takes 8 weeks for mail to get to and we’re limited to what we can take with us due to weight constraints so I’m likely not going to be able to get to where I can mail myself my Wacom tablet and get back to updating until the end of July/August if HOPEFULLY nothing else come up or changes.

EDIT (April 13, 2023) My assignment changed, I’m still going to Africa but to a different location that doesn’t have internet, on the plus side, I just got a smaller art tablet so I will be able to work on stuff over there, just might not be able to upload anything until I get back. Will look into the possibility of perhaps flying somewhere with internet access every few months or so, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

EDIT (June 18, 2023) In my 24 years and 6 deployments, its never taken more than 48 hours to leave for the plane and arrive at your next duty station, (sometimes with a week or two acclimating/training period overseas). Its been almost 4 weeks since we were picked up to board the plane and STILL aren’t there yet. The time has been spent with over a week in air terminals and the rest in transient tents while they try to unfuck this process. Hopefully I’ll be there by the end of the month and can see what conditions will be.

EDIT (August 16, 2023) I will NOT be able to work on anything while I’m here. I ended up at a totally different camp in a completely different country and we have very limited and unreliable access to electricity, water AND internet (and very poor internet when it exists). They are saying we SHOULD be home by April but nothing they’ve said has proven remotely true and they really seem to be utterly clueless and incompetent at pretty much everything so far.

EDIT (December 9, 2023) Update, I am still alive. Should be home in approximately 90 days. More details about this deployment when I get home. FYI, I have not been on a base, I’ve been in an out station which means we did not have reliable ANYTHING (power, water, food, ammunition, ANYTHING).

Tonight I was able to upload Hentai High #02 (32 pages) to the $1 Dropbox Folder and Hentai High #2 XXXpanded edition (54 pages) to the $5/Hentai High 02 folder (all previous SubscribeStar supporters should still have access to those folders).

Would appreciate anyone giving feedback on typos or glitches in them before I upload them to the Gumroad store. As soon I get some feedback both version of Hentai High #02 will be uploaded to the Gumroad store.

EDIT (December 15, 2023) Hentai High issues 1 & 2 are now uploaded FOR FREE on F95 forum, the XXXpanded version of 2 is on Gumroad, Currently the normal issue 1 is on Gumroad but I plan on replacing that (literally going to make another 12-20 pages and replace the one currently up there and update its listing and keep the price the same) BUT I NEED IDEAS FOR WHAT THE ADD ON SCENE for Hentai High issue 1 should be. Was luckiy in that a few days ago one of the two new guys in our tent had a Starlink mailed to him so I have substantially better and more reliable internet thanks to his sharing otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to upload all of these.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “What did you…? Oh no you didn’t! Don’t you turn your back on me!”
Little Harlotta: “Uh… I realize he’s what got us into this mess… But we’re kind of outnumbered now…”
Chibi High Mage Viren: “Okay… I’ve gotten some of her demon aura stored up so just try to back away…”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “We’re not in any trouble, THEY are… Besides you wanted a crack at these hung lizard guys, here’s your chance.”
Little Harlotta: “Er… Sure, I guess…”
Chibi High Mage Viren: “Just back away…”