Why the United States of America can afford deficit spending.
The Tea Party and fiscal conservatives have it wrong, right now the United States should be spending substantially more money than it has, and I’ll demonstrate why it’s the only logical solution. First, the biggest thing killing the United States financially is the interest payments on it’s debt, we’re not making a large enough return on our investment for the money we’ve borrowed to warrant our current situation, so the question is whether there are actions or activities we can do with our current assets that will increase our return on investment to make our current debt level profitable, and the answer is yes. First, we need to start looking at our options as a stockholder in a company and not as a bureaucrat, are there competitors we could acquire and strengthen our market share?

Mexico is having difficulties providing a safe environment for it’s citizens, entire cities and states are controlled not by Mexico, but by drug cartels. The United States has a huge and technologically advanced military, so annex Mexico, and I don’t mean trickle in, “there is no so such thing as overkill, there is only “Open fire!” and “It’s time to reload.”” Bam, you’ve just doubled the size and assets of the United States and pretty much doubled the citizen base. “But they’re poor!” So, are a lot of Americans right now, and they were coming across the border anyway. Now if you want to build a wall, it’s a MUCH SMALLER WALL. Look at the result of West and East Germany, yes it took a commitment of resources to repair and modernize East Germany, but in the end the entire nation was stronger and more stable. A mega United States of America and Mexico would be an economic powerhouse that would be on par with where the United States was at the end of World War II, just don’t let Congress screw it up again. The Unites States is already committed to be bilingual English/Spanish anyway so there’s really not any significant downside. Plus, you get a lot of hard working Mexican citizens whose only disadvantage was corruption in government (they’ll still have that I suppose). Go US of A and M!

But, why stop there? We’ve got Canada to the north, “Oh, there’s nothing up there but a bunch of permafrost and Mounties.” Bull, do you realize how many actors and products we get from Canada? Look at the label on your maple syrup, it’s not from Vermont. Seagram’s, peat moss, Playboy playmates, Canada’s got some ASSets. ^_^ And there’s this thing Al Gore’s been whining about, when he’s not making up statistical data out of his ass, it’s called Global Warming, Canada’s about to be one GARGANTUAN farm plain once all that permafrost becomes permafarm. It just sucks to be a polar bear. United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. USAC’M You bet we will.

/political mode. o_O