The Paladin’s Most Used Ability.
It does seem that the sole survivors of groups in World of Warcraft are Paladins, “I needed to survive to raise the rest of you,” is typically the Paladin class’s excuse for why they ran away from the fight. I might give that cowardly excuse credence if they ever ONCE raised someone, instead we find them in the tavern drinking grog… Okay, some of the fonts have been changed to protect the innocent. Actually, not all of the fonts were salvaged unscathed and comicfonts dot com doesn’t allow redownloads so it was either repurchase them or find an alternate font (seeing as I purchased them during their half off sale and I just paid to have the computer fixed, alternate font it is). Now, I need to do some kind of filler for the days I missed…..

Links to spots of hentai and past cartoon porn updates:

  • The webcomic’s very first hentai sex scene with Libby and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The warm up to the webcomic’s second hentai sex scene with Libby and Farmer Joe.
  • The webcomic’s third hentai sex scene with “the Farmer’s Ho” and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The webcomic’s first lesbian sex scene with Libby and Madame Fury.

The following sex scenes use the current render/light settings:

Note that there are more updates with nudity and minor hentai innuendo and cartoon porn scattered randomly throughout.