The Golden Dragon Rule.
New one will be up today, weather permitting, had a storm that knocked out power yesterday that’s still in the area.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert: “I’m going to let you two work out your differences, My niece and I have some business of our own to deal with.”
DHS Inquisitor: “If you ARE the new owner I would expect you to have a deed of sale?”
Pussy Katt: “Of course, Inquisitor, in my office.”
Private Benjamins: “Dag nab it! Don’t go all grabby ass in front of the inspector!”
Private Willbert: “I’m not! But he’s moving in on our woman!”
Purbert: “Hurry, but not too fast, I don’t want that inquisitor slowing us down!”
Taylor Teesamat: “Oh, come on, uncle! It CAN’T be THAT bad…”
Purbert: “You KNOW the rule about not having sex with player characters.”
Taylor Teesamat: “Yeah, Yeah, but I though you liked this one.”
Purbert: “I LIKE lots of them, but afterwards they’d be able to create a Half dragon offspring character. With the stats average of their base character AND the dragon partner.”
Taylor Teesamat: “Well, true…”
Purbert: “It’s too dangerous, the few remaining emperor dragons are hiding And I don’t know this one well enough to trust her, I don’t know of any human that was trustworthy to be frank…”
Taylor Teesamat: “That never seemed to bother Uncle…”
Purbert: “Don’t bring my brother into this! It was his fuck happy ways that killed our sister!”

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