The GADmother.
And no pregnant women or he’ll DeKalb, GA your ass, and no pet dog or he’ll Austin, TX your ass, why are most of the out of control police incidents in Texas, and Austin in particular? o_O I guess that’s why they have Texas Rangers, to defend the public from the Texas police, and

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Hamerican Cop: “The evil GAD mother?! Are you INSANE?! Why didn’t you say that earlier!! I would have called for back up!!”
Tinker Tina: “I did say it earlier! And those things destroyed my brother!”
Hamerican Cop: “Quick! Stay in front of me! Just in case she tries something!”
Second Hamerican Cop: “All right, no sudden moves or I’ll Blackwater your ass, no camera phones or I’ll Austin, TX your ass. No kooky religion or I’ll Waco your ass.”
Tinker Tina: “Stay in front?! What happened to “serve and protect?””
Hamerican Cop: “We serve and protect our asses, same as always!”
Third Hamerican Cop: “Dispatch? We’re going to need more back up, and human shields, all the civilians went running for the hills.. “