Not sure what was going on with Buzz, but they appear to be back up, so I’ll let the current vote incentive stay up for a day, then run the last of Buzz’s incentives each day till their gone. And as a heads up this one and the next three at Buzz are of the Gnome and Fuckling, so if you’re not into inhumanly skinny chicks with inhumanly HUGE boobs getting fucked by a wittle Gnome hung better than a 30 foot Tauren, it might not be for you… (Click Buzz002 at the right for a preview.)

Tell me what you want to see in incentive pics and I’ll see if I can’t make that happen. 😀

We did 16 of Redd and Horndog, but seeing as the main comic’s sex scene is about over Redd and Horndog can keep going if you want. Any feedback on that?

ANDDD, I redid the ads I was running on PW since most of them were about the October promo, and I had one that made fun of all the drama that went on over at Buzz, Frumph, and Super100.  But alas, it was too big to be uploaded to their ad space. So, at the bottom left of the page I put it up for display since that’s probably the only place it will go.  Probably a good thing I couldn’t upload, I could see be getting in trouble for it. 😀