That’s what John Wayne Bobbit said..
And then he put Ebenezer Splooge under house arrest at the San Francisco airport and only allowed him to leave under supervision to get something to eat at McDonald’s due to the MRE’s being rancid and infested with termites. Holy crap. California certainly isn’t a friendly state. We had that day at the front and intendded to sight see but the Californian National Guard grabbed us at the airport and hauled us to an armory in the middle of no where. Can’t guarantee when I’ll get a chance to upload comics. Have three on my laptop to upload today (August 12) but I can’t guarantee they’ll all get uploaded as I can work on them occasionally in our open bay barracks. We got a few hours reprieve from Camp San Luis Obispo to go to a Farmer’s Market and I found an internet coffee shop to have access for this (West End Espresso & Tea in wonderful San Luis Obispo).