Swamp People and Their Meat Sausage.
I actually don’t watch Swamp People that much, of the History “of Reality” Channel’s shows I like Pawn Stars and American Pickers (which I discovered has nothing to do with fingers and one’s noses). Both of those shows are very addictive to me. Some day I’m going to have to go their Pawn Shop as it’s about four hours driving time away.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Gandall the Grey: “Quick! Run!! I don’t think we want to go into the ‘parts’ business!”
Junior: “Come here, ‘sweet parts!’ we’ve gotta do some inventory on you!”
Lady Gothchilde: “What the fuck? You’re gonna run from a blind geezer and some reject from ‘Swamp People?‘”
Annoying Shopkeeper: “I’m not blind, you stupid bimbo! I’m stylish!”
Lady Gothchilde: “See? Swamp people…”
Annoying Shopkeeper: “Funny you should bring up swamps, our best customer lives in one..”
Meat Sausage: “GAROWF ROWF ROWF”
Junior: “Looks, like Meat Sausage has found himself a new friend!”
Gandall the Grey: “Whoah! Down doggie! Nice doggie!”