Star Trek One Day a Captain, Next You’re Not.
So, FINALLY got my final project turned and completed this morning, the corona virus sure created a lot of new hoops to run through but now I’m focusing the rest of the week on getting all the comic and Patreon updates caught up.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Blondalyn Fury: “Look, you want to join our crew or not?”
Eileen Thighlander: “What’s in it for me?”
Blondalyn Fury: “A double share of the haul, third in command…”
Eileen Thighlander: “Not interested in money or command.”
Britney Spitz: “What are you interested in?”
Eileen Thighlander: “Well, would I get to make people LESS alive?”
Britney Spitz: “Oh, I’m sure that will come up a lot…”
Eileen Thighlander: “Alright, I’m in, now what’s your names?”
Britney Spitz: “Can we use a witch?”
Blondalyn Fury: “That’s Britney and I’m Captain Fury…”
Queen’s Messenger: “Actually, it’s just Blondalyn Fury…”
Blondalyn Fury: “I just got my Captain rank from the queen today…”
Queen’s Messenger: “Actually, it’s just Blondalyn Fury… Your “fee” ran away and if you want to be Captain you’ll bring it back.”
Eileen Thighlander: “Wow, made captain and lost it in one day, Let’s go Captain Kirk.”
Little Witch KimberMac: “Hey! What the hael…”
Britney Spitz: “Welcome to the crew, little witch.”