I couldn’t get the SpiderPig song from out of my head when I was finishing up Lobo holding on to the beam. 😀

Thanks to everyone who have been so supportive and voted for PronQuest via the vote buttons to the left and and the very bottom of the page. Most of the traffic and new readers have come via the ranking we’ve gotten from those buttons. Except for KillBoredom which doesn’t respond to any of the submission requests I kept submitting. >_< So, feel free to ignore the KillBoredom button. EDIT: In other news, only one person has favorited PronQuest at Frumph. Thanks, jcs535s! Clicking the link in this little blib takes you right to PronQuest's listing and you can favorite the comic by clicking the little cyan "+" button underneath the green stat jibberish if you've registered. Come on, it's not really a commitment, and no one's going to come looking for child support later... And in other other news... (wow, longwinded today) you may have noticed that yesterday I added a graphic link to Peppermint Saga, well apparently someone noticed because they noticed a "few" hits coming in from it. We're currently working on putting together an adult webcomic ring, no not like Adult Web Comics (RIP), the creator/owners of the comics maintain and keep the revenue from their own sites but we'd have an actual hub that lists the members. Right now, PronQuest, Peppermint Saga, and Depravia look to be onboard (yes, Depravia is going to be updating!!!) and we’re looking for some others. Requirements are originally created content and free, no membership sites. That’s about all I can say on that right now. 😀