Shirts versus skins.
Although there really ought to be a “shirts” team. If everyone’s skins it doesn’t make it any easier to tell who’s who. More interesting, but not much easier.

Gulf oil spill reaches West Hawaii.
Yes, you read that right. Yesterday morning, Sunday, July 11, I was watching The Weather Channel and they show these captions of West Hawaii and the Gulf Oil Spill and start talking about how the oil slick has reached West Hawaii. Not just Hawaii, the whole farthest side from the Gulf of Mexico, West Hawaii. I tried to look up more info, but I couldn’t determine if the oil spill spread through the Panama Canal or worked it’s way around South America and up the Southern Pacific. I’d assumed there’s a beach or town in Florida called “West Hawaii” but I’m really not sure (it was actually pictures from a magazine called West Hawaii today, the newscasters just got a little confused). It still made for an amusing morning. American news folks, dependable at being unreliable. >_<