PronQuest, a Sex Game of Thrones.
So, thought I have more idea what was going on for me in real life, but still kind of in limbo. I’m on a short list to be sent back to Afghanistan and I am officially off Orders today but not word on the Afghanistan status. Guessing it isn’t going to happen. 😀 Today starts a bit of the backdrop of the Kingdoms/Queendoms of PronQuest. After Dicodemos the storyline was planned to start involving missions and interactions with the various Realms so to speak. Really need to work on putting together a map. Oh, and the Micean capital is Assthens while the Voodoo Queendom’s is Splaton Splooge. Rule 34b, if there’s anime porn of it, there’s a PronQuest Realm for it.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Spelvert the Snarktastic:“So, the Hamericans wiped out the United Kingdoms of the Franks…”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “Ironic in that the Hamericans had won their independence from the Franks.”
Spelvert the Snarktastic:“True, yet some of the vassals of the Franks spawned into sovereign kingdoms in the Aftermath.”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “At least Voodoo and Furgundy that I know of. There may be more that we’ve lost contact with. Still, it’s the Anal Queen of the Miceans I’m most worried about. They’ve always been rather militant and Asstrid is really into the rough stuff.”

Spelvert the Snarktastic:“Another big war? I guess we’re about due, but have you noticed how long it’s been since a new Whorelord has formed a sovereign kingdom?”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “That’s not surprising, with the current kingdoms so well established, a new one wouldn’t be able to grow strong enough to defend itself before the others would gobble it up…”
Gaga Godiva: “OAH MAHHH GAHD!”
Spelvert the Snarktastic:“Kind of sounds like our busty visitor’s made a new friend.”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “Alright. You win the bet. She obviously didn’t know to order the demon instead of negotiating with it…”