Self Implanting Butt Plug.
Libby’s fuck finishing move, Vagina Twitch first made it’s appearance with Lobo (before he was cursed transformed). It’s a powerful move with it comes great responsibility. Remember “IN FACT I’LL MAKE EVERYONE A DEAL: If PronQueens can get 150 susbscribers I’ll start doing new updates to PronQuest TWICE A WEEK, Wednesdays AND Sundays…” well, we’re at 21/150, at this rate I’m thinking I won’t have to worry about increasing the update schedule until 2014. 😛

I’ll post links to the newly uploaded updates from that year in exile on the new updates as I upload them. Which means you’ll see the links on Wednesday, but they may have uploaded any time in the week prior. For example, the first updates were loaded and went live on Monday, June 17, but the post pointing back to them didn’t go live until Wednesday, June 19.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle: “Oh, FUCK?! Have you never heard of lube?!”
Lobo the Frog: “So, who’s the new butt plug?”
Libby Belle: “My god! No room to move. Too much cock mass! Words I never thought I’d utter…
Grung the Hung: “How in Hael are you supposed to get any lev’rage in that position?”
Red Haired Hung: “I… I’s don’t know.”
Libby Belle: “Got to free up some space…”
Red Haired Hung: “Er, anyone got a step stool?”
Libby Belle: performs Vagina Twitch.
Otilla the Hung: starts to quiver…quiver.. “Deathgasm”
Libby Belle: “And you’re done.”
Otilla the Hung: starts to teeter…teeter…and FALLS.
Libby Belle: “HOLY HENTAI! I forgot he was the only thing holding us up!!!”